Creating an Executive Summary for a Fund

Creating an Executive Summary for a Fund

June 2, 2020 by investor

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In raising a fund you’ll need an executive summary which should include the following:

Fund Objectives, (Legal) Structure, Fund Specifics, Investment Strategy, Investment Criteria, Investment Process Overview, Management Team and Disclaimers.

Fund Objective — purpose of the fund and how it will be deployed.

Legal Structure — is it a fund, a syndicate, a pledge fund or some other structure?

Fund Specifics — most funds are based on a ten-year window.  

Distribution Strategy — most funds provide a recycle provision that lets GPs reinvest profits back into the fund. Other funds require a hurdle rate before GPs can share in the profits. This means the investors get their principal investment back before the GP takes any carry.

Limited Partner Units — private funds are limited to a maximum of ninety-nine accredited investors in the fund.

Fee Structure — most funds use the two percent management fee and a twenty percent carry.

Compensation Structure — this determines when and how the GPs receive their compensation.

Initial Deposit — funds vary in how much of the funds are required from investors upfront. 

Investment Strategy — outlines the investment thesis.

Management Team — the resumes of the general partners. 

Finally, there are disclaimers to include.


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