Contractor Funding

Contractor Funding

January 23, 2020 by investor

Many enterprise software programs come from service businesses solving a problem for their clients. In searching for a solution on the market, they find none, so they build their own. Later, other clients come ready to buy it.

I call this contractor funding, and it’s one of the most overlooked forms of funding in the startup space.

In this method, you sell a customized version of what you want to build to an anchor customer for a substantial one-time fee, say $250K. Then, you use the funds to build out the platform you envision, to which the customer gets a non-exclusive license.

The advantage here is you have a customer telling you exactly what they need and what they will pay for. They improve the product by testing it and telling you what changes to make. They become a happy customer which you can use to attract prospective customers.

After three more of these engagements, you will have $1M of investment in your platform with zero dilution.

For your raise, consider using contractor funding.

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