Common Branding Mistakes

Common Branding Mistakes

December 7, 2023 by investor

Common Branding Mistakes

In developing the brand for your startup avoid these common mistakes:

Spending too much on an agency.

Most of the work comes from you, your team, and a graphics design professional.

Take ownership of your brand building and outsource key elements of the project such as logo design.

Designing a logo that looks cool but is hard to read.

Choose a logo design that remains legible in small formats such as email footers and browser tabs.

Creating a brand identity based on this year’s strategic goals.

Goals change every year so focusing on one year’s goals can leave your brand out of date.

Build a brand based on your overall business strategy which will last for several years.

Failing to maintain the promise of the brand.

You must deliver on that promise consistently.

Failing to communicate your message.

Avoid obtuse wording and strained analogies and make sure the majority of your audience understands it.

Missing the why.

Make sure you include in your message why your business exists.

Avoid these mistakes in your branding efforts.


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