Challenge in Cold Emailing an Investor

Challenge in Cold Emailing an Investor

September 14, 2023 by investor

Challenge in Cold Emailing an Investor

In raising funding a founder will need to contact investors.

For those contacts the founder knows, this is a simple process.

For the rest of the potential investors the founder does not know, this presents a challenge.

Cold emailing an investor is difficult for the following reasons:

Investors receive many emails and proposals every day.

Their time is short and must be spent on high-quality outcomes so they budget little time for digging into a deal without some indication of promise.

Many founders overpromise or over-hyped their deal so the investor is skeptical from the get-go.

Investors don’t understand your market space to a great extent and cannot appreciate what value you bring until you can demonstrate it.

They are looking to bucket your deal into the pass, follow, or engage category at first.

Many investors use warm introductions to filter the deals using their network as a screening tool.

They know most deals are too early for them and have a mindset to avoid wasting time.

Keep these issues in mind when preparing a cold email outreach to investors. 


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