Building a Brand

Building a Brand

November 17, 2023 by investor

Building a Brand

A brand brings benefits to the startup.

Investors find value in a brand and will reflect it in the valuation.

A strong brand differentiates your startup from the competition.

It will make your startup memorable.

Here are some key steps in building a brand for your business.

Start with the founder’s story.

Identify the motivation for starting the business.

Find your voice and write out keywords or phrases that represent it.

Review your mission statement for the purpose behind your company.

If you don’t have one, then write it out now.

Gather images that represent your keywords and mission statement.

Choose a color scheme and font that matches the style of your company.

Craft a five to seven-word phrase that encapsulates the reason for your business.

Tie it all together into a logo design with the image, color, and key phrase with the font.

Use your logo with all communications.


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