Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics

November 23, 2023 by investor

Brand Metrics

After launching your brand, track the performance with metrics.

Here are some key metrics to consider:

Awareness — use surveys to gauge how many people are aware of the brand.

Associations — see what key attributes people associate with it.

Linkage — see how many people associate your brand with a characteristic unaided.

Quality — check how many people associate quality with the brand.  

Loyalty — use the Net Promoter Score to gauge loyalty to the brand.

Preference — use a survey to test customer’s preference for your brand over others.

Repeat customers — see how many buyers turn into repeat users.

Visibility — how prevalent is your brand in social media and other online channels?

Persuasiveness — how many customers buy the product after reviewing the brand.

Retransmission — how many customers pass the brand along to others.

Interaction rate — check the number of people who interact with the brand in a campaign.

Favorability — measure the number of people who hold a favorable view of the brand.

Sales — track the increase in sales due to the brand.

Before launching the brand, consider which metrics are the most important for your startup.


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