Bizarreness Effect

Bizarreness Effect

May 22, 2023 by investor

Bizarreness Effect

The bizarreness effect is defined by Wikipedia as bizarre material that is better remembered than common material.

Presentations that use bizarre information are more easily remembered than conventional ones.

Founders can capture and maintain the interest of investors by using unusual wording or language.

This works when the unusual phrase or sentence is mixed with common words and sentences. 

It causes the investor to spend more time encoding the information.

This makes it easier for investors to recall later.

The unusual information should create an image that stands out in their mind as distinctive.

By repeating it several times, the investor will more easily remember it.

In your presentation, reword a key concept such as a value proposition to create a bizarre image.

For example, our education software is so effective it could teach a dog how to ride a bicycle.

Repeat this several times throughout the presentation.


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