Best Practices for Rebranding

Best Practices for Rebranding

December 6, 2023 by investor

Best Practices for Rebranding

Most startups will at some point need to rebrand their business.

In rebranding your startup consider these best practices:

Just as you start with a minimum viable product so you can start with a minimum viable brand.

This allows you to test out your brand to see what resonates with your audience.

Emphasize the values in your company that arise naturally as these will be conveyed more readily.

Inventory your brand assets so you have a complete picture of your current status.

Involve the team in the rebranding process by having each one capture images that reflect the brand and then review everyone’s contributions.

Check the readability of the brand in all forms of communication.  

Make sure your brand is legible as it oftentimes renders in a very small format making it difficult to read.

Connect your brand to your business strategy.

Create a wordmark using custom and unique typography.

Trademark your wordmark so others cannot copy it.

Focus on one brand for your company and not for every platform or product.

Finally, engage professional graphic designers to help.


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