Best Practices for Founders’ Equity

Best Practices for Founders’ Equity

January 2, 2024 by investor

Best Practices for Founders’ Equity

There are many decisions to be made with founder equity.

Here are some best practices in handling those decisions. 

The founder-co-founder split of equity can be anything except 50/50.

A 50/50 split leaves no one in a position to make a final decision for the company.

In splitting the equity between or among the founders, consider the business needs first. 

What skills and experience must be brought to bear on the business?

Who on the team will be responsible for each aspect of the business?

Put this discussion on the table early on.

Have an open and frank discussion among the founders about what each team member can contribute to the business.

It’s important to vest any equity offered so a founder leaving early doesn’t take an outsized number of shares.

Consider the tax implications and use IRS tax code 83B which gives the shareholder the right to pay tax on the options issued rather than when they vest. 

Consider whether or not to buy back the shares of any founder who leaves.  

This could be expensive for the company.

Gain agreement on the growth strategy of the company.  

Will it grow organically over time or will you raise funding to accelerate it?

Organic growth takes longer but offers less dilution.  

Funding will speed up the growth but will reduce the founders’ ownership stake.

Alignment in the growth strategy is important for founders and co-founders.


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