Best Practices for Building a Company Culture

Best Practices for Building a Company Culture

January 18, 2024 by investor

Best Practices for Building a Company Culture

In building your company culture consider these best practices:

Measure your company culture — review indicators that show how the company culture is performing such as employee engagement.

Create rituals — establish activities you repeat consistently throughout the year to foster employee engagement and have fun.

Storytelling — use stories to share experiences and create a common history with the employees.

Demonstrate the values — employees look at what you do for guidance and not just what you say.

Embrace the paradox of the startup world — early-stage companies have tremendous work to do but with limited resources.

Focus on what is right not who is right — there are many decisions to be made in a business environment so focus on fostering better decision-making.

Promote fairness — make sure each decision is fair to all involved.

Involve others in decision-making — give others the opportunity to weigh in on the discussion and use their input.

Build skills — encourage the development of the employees through developing new skills.

Consider adding these steps to your company program to build a better culture.


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