Investor Connect – Ben Bennett of Omnitude

Investor Connect – Ben Bennett of Omnitude

March 5, 2019 by investor

Ben Bennett of Omnitude

Hall is joined by Ben Bennett, the Chief Operating Officer of EMEA at Omnitude. Ben’s background has always been in the commercial side of businesses. He has worked telesales, field sales, product sales, all the way through to more strategic and development roles in business. He eventually launched his own company, a consultancy, which focused on startups, essentially enabling businesses to understand their value proposition and then then take it to market. It was on that journey that he met Chris Painter, the CEO of Omnitude.

Ben speaks on what led him to the path he is on now and how Omnitude came to be. Ben gained a better understanding and working knowledge of what blockchain can do and saw a huge opportunity to use the technology to underpin a middleware layer. This enables systems to be integrated and talk to each other far more efficiently from a very basic level.

Omnitude started out as a an integration layer, a middleware layer purely as an ecommerce play, but  has since evolved into what it is today. It is ultimately the only paid to blockchain middleware layer globally.  

In this episode, you’ll learn more about:

The state of the cryptocurrency market and how much money is being invested

How many companies are working in this space

Major challenges, barriers and risks in this space

Omnitude’s role in this field

About Omnitude– Omnitude is a middleware hybrid blockchain layer, a toolkit for businesses to integrate the benefits of blockchain technology into the commercial fabric of their organizations easily and cost efficiently.

About BenBen is a widely experienced commercial professional with a proven history of building, coaching and developing high performing teams. Before joining Omnitude he was Director of two consultancies which focussed on the commercial development of start-ups and the support and development of young people in the workplace. With 14 years of management experience within FTSE 100 companies, he is incredibly well placed to ensure delivery of the Omnitude vision, both technically and commercially.


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