After You Write the Check

After You Write the Check

April 28, 2022 by investor

After You Write the Check

After you write the check, it’s important to remain engaged.

Here are some key steps to follow:

Stay in touch with the CEO and keep up-to-date on their status.

Track the progress of the company to determine if it’s worth a follow-on investment.

Review the financials regularly to stay up on the company’s progress.

Open a communication channel with the board of directors as well as the CEO, so you can add value where possible.

Watch C-level compensation so it stays aligned with the investors’ compensation which is an exit.

Investigate possible alternative exits from companies that don’t make it.  

For example, could it be sold to another company for the assets? Could a new team turn it around?

Open a dialog with other investors as they may have additional information that you do not.

Offer other investors information when you receive it to build an informed network.

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