Investor Connect – Brett King of Moven

Investor Connect – Brett King of Moven

December 30, 2018 by investor

Brett King of Moven

In this episode, Hall interviews Brett King of Moven. Brett and Hall discuss some of the fintech challenges that startups can pursue, including the growth of mobile payments, and how the bank branch model is being disrupted by startups that can provide a different experience. Brett talks about how startups are reforming the core of financial services, and how they can access the “sandbox” for testing out new services and applications.

Brett also talks about four themes that are increasingly impacting the way we live, namely:
– AI
– Embedded technology
– Health Tech and gene editing
– Smart infrastructure and the internet of things

Brett discusses some of the ramifications of new technology in the FinTech sector and elsewhere, covering topics from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and Zero-proof models.

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