Investor Connect – Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund

Investor Connect – Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund

December 30, 2018 by investor

Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund

In this episode, Hall interviews Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund. Before his start in early stage investing, Eric worked in technology in Silicon Valley, as a founder, and as a product manager at Facebook and Instagram. Eric talks about his start as an investor, and his advice for new investors with a small amount of liquidity, using resources such as AngelList, or working as an unpaid advisor in exchange for a small amount of equity.

Hustle Fund’s investment thesis focuses on the quality of the team, irrespective of superficial ‘pedigrees’. The most important quality that Hustle Fund looks for is teams that know how to execute, and execute fast. This process starts with a small investment, followed by a 4-6 week growth project for each team, and, with measurable success, a follow-on investment of a larger amount. Eric talks about some of their recent successes, and what made them special.

Eric also discusses some of the risks of funding startups, including the challenges of hiring top talent in a competitive environment, or in regions with a smaller talent pool. Finally, Eric talks about how the investment world is changing with the explosion of micro-funds and the growth of VC opportunities outside of the traditional centers such as Silicon Valley.

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