Investor Connect – Allan May of Life Science Angels

Investor Connect – Allan May of Life Science Angels

December 30, 2018 by investor

Allan May of Life Science Angels

Hall is joined by Allan May of Life Science Angels. Hall and Allan kick off this episode talking about Allens journey into angel investing that he began in 1997. They speak about Life Science Angels approach to investing in both the wet and dry science. Biology, genomics, tools and instruments on the wet side and devices, diagnostic and catheters on the dry side as well as digital health. They speak about startups trying to raise funds in these areas and who would be a candidate and who is not. Allan gives examples of a milestone that would get him interested and excited in a deal. In this episode, you’ll also learn more about the digital health side of investing and how they decide a deal is right. Hall and Allan also discuss his general investment thesis and how is it going to make money.

Allan speaks on his views about:

-Value-based healthcare. It’s classic economics applied to the healthcare system and it’s absolutely necessary.

-Most of the waste in the system is not the physician but rather it’s in the administration of the healthcare system.

-There are large middlemen in the system that can be cut out.

-The current mergers underway in the healthcare industry shows large players setting up to go direct to consumers.

-The focus will shift to prevention and changing behavior where possible.

-Life science is under more disruptive force than any other industry and that’s the best time to innovate and invest.

About Life Science Angels– Life Science Angels, Inc. was founded in 2004 by senior life science executives and experienced angel investors as a vehicle to bring angel capital to worthy early stage biotech and medical device companies. Formally launched in January 2005 with backing from 15 industry sponsors, LSA follows a rigorous due diligence process before presenting investment opportunities to its membership. LSA also works with select angel groups, venture capitalists and outside investors to syndicate opportunities requiring larger investments. Life Science Angels is a not-for-profit corporation that takes no carry or management fees on any investment. We do not charge companies any fees to apply or present and prohibit members from seeking any form of compensation related to LSA consideration.

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