Investor Connect – Lisette Tellez of Ocean Azul Partners

Investor Connect – Lisette Tellez of Ocean Azul Partners

October 21, 2018 by investor

Lisette Tellez of Ocean Azul Partners

Hall T. Martin is joined by Lisette Tellez of Ocean Azul Partners. In this episode, Lisette speaks about the Dorm Room Fund, a student run venture fund that invested in student startups. The Dorm Room Fund invested in twelve student run startups per year. Lisette currently works with Ocean Azu Partners and she speaks about criteria, they look at team, product, market and investment fit. You’ll also learn Lisette’s thoughts on agriculture as a sector and innovation. She also shares her views on what other sectors she sees coming up that she finds interesting.

About Ocean Azul Partners– Ocean Azul Partners is a venture capital firm in Miami, Florida. Our fund was inspired by success. We invest in startups and early stage companies across various industries including, but not limited to, emerging technologies and professional services. We invest seed and growth capital with a focus on founder-owned companies that enjoy transparency and collaborate effectively. We value leadership, commitment and inspired teams. We add value through our operating experience, strategic insights and relationships.

About Lisette– Lisette spent two years as a partner for Dorm Room Fund, a student-run venture fund backed by First Round that invests in student-founded startups. As a partner for the Boston team, she was responsible for sourcing startups, analyzing and deciding on potential investments, and providing support to portfolio companies. Dorm Room Fund has made over 160 investments, and the valuation of its portfolio is currently $1B+. During her time at Dorm Room Fund, the team made over 20 investments in startups from a variety of universities in the Boston area and beyond. This enabled her to become integrated into the broader startup community in addition to that of MIT. While at MIT, Lisette’s love of problem-solving and learning about technology led her to study Computer Science & Engineering.

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