Investor Connect – Matthew Sullivan of QuantmRE

Investor Connect – Matthew Sullivan of QuantmRE

October 21, 2018 by investor

Matthew Sullivan of QuantmRE

Hall T. Martin is joined by Matthew Sullivan of QuantmRE. The interview begins with Matthew speaking about his background before engaging in the blockchain sector. Matthew has been involved in technology and finance since the late 90’s, when the internet began its mass adoption. Matthew speaks about what led him to pursue the blockchain sector. Matthew believes that you only get a handful of opportunities that are as impactful as the blockchain. You’ll learn Matthew’s advice to anyone who wants to invest in the blockchain space as it is still in early development and how he believes the industry evolving. In this episode Hal and Matthew also discuss risks, challenges and what opportunities to immediatly pursue.

About QuantmRE– QuantmRE is building the world’s first membership-driven, vertically integrated real estate stock market that enables fractional interests in real estate investments to be bought and sold on the Blockchain. In addition, QuantmRE is creating EQRE – the world’s first cryptocurrency with true intrinsic value – a token backed by audited real estate assets.

QuantmRE’s unique technologies enable homeowners to release the value of the equity that is locked up in their homes without taking on more debt. QuantmRE will change the way that houses are financed, forever.

QuantmRE’s real estate marketplace provides investors with a unique ability to build, model, manage and trade diversified portfolios of fractionalized real estate assets that have the potential to provide income and capital appreciation.

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