05- George Brodie at TiECon South 2014

August 23, 2019 by investor
In this episode of the Angel Connect podcast show, Hall Martin
interviews George Brodie at the TiECon South conference in Texas.
This interview deals with the TiE Mentorship program,including examples with potential Angel Investors, as wellas suggestions.  In fact, the mentorship values rely onthe pro-active networking and participation of the mentee.He also recommends how to recruit the “right” mentor by anaspiring mentee — and it is a question of the menteebeing able to take the initiative.
From his own background, Mr. Brodie discusses how tomake networking effective for the entrepreneur — includinga forum like TiECon or linkedIn — to “get connected.”
As you will hear in this audio episode, Mr. Brodiedescribes the “turning point” of his own firm, which hashad a 15-year journey — including the rounds offinancing until the business was doing well anddid not need any more outside funding.
Hall Martin also investigates the area of an entrepreneur’sdream, including the possibility of changing directionfor either product or idea. It was interesting to see thedifference between the two aspects and the discussionfrom Mr. Brodie about this.
And finally, Mr. Brodie stresses key competitive differentiationof the product in the marketplace, as well as thegood communication skills to convince the Angel Investorcommunity during a presentation about the entrepreneur’s firm.
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