Investor Connect- Jon Glesinger and Leslie Ackerman of Comprindeo

Investor Connect- Jon Glesinger and Leslie Ackerman of Comprindeo

May 7, 2019 by investor

Jon Glesinger and Leslie Ackerman of Comprindeo

In this episode of Investor Connect, Hall is joined by Founder and CEO Jon Glesinger and Co- Founder Leslie Ackerman of Comprindeo. Jon started his career in the tech sector in the 80’s, coming out with the first IBM computers. This then led him to his first computer startup involving design of CAD/CAM. Working extensively with unstructured data around people led Jon to build platforms in the HR space, ultimately leading to Comprindeo.

After college, Leslie met musicians in London who were having trouble finding affordable studio space. They decided to purchase and rent out studios to musicians in need. At the same time, Leslie was involved with a band that was one of the first to sell albums online. This led to a development of a merchandise platform to sell albums and marketing materials.

In this episode you will learn why they focus on AI and deep learning technology. More than half of the internet data is already in video format of some kind. This presents a challenge – how do you find out the content of podcasts and videos online? Jon and Leslie explain how Comprindeo uses AI to unbundle that hidden data.

Jon and Leslie share what advice they’d give to investors joining the AI space as well as what they should know about AI and deep learning before investing. They’ll also discuss challenges you have to overcome when you’re building a deep learning or AI application.

About Comprindeo: Searchable video and podcast. Using highly effective AI and Deep Learning, their proven technology automatically creates JumpTo™ Topics- tags that unlock the value of video and audio to provide instant insight, navigation and analysis.

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