Investor Connect – Paul O’Brien of MediaTech Ventures

Investor Connect – Paul O’Brien of MediaTech Ventures

May 11, 2018 by investor

Paul O’Brien of MediaTech Ventures

Hall Martin welcomes Paul O’Brien of media tech ventures. In this episode you’ll get to learn all about Paul’s vision of media tech and how he feels the groundwork should be laid for a viable community.

A little about Media Tech Ventures- MediaTech Ventures works to provide funding, talent, and resources at the convergence of media and technology. They work with government, developers, non-profits, studios, investors, directors, musicians, actors, founders and more, to provide the infrastructure and access to networks that media industries depend upon to thrive. With industry capitalization paramount to talent and entrepreneurs working in media, MediaTech Ventures connects the dots between innovation, venture capital, corporate support, and public interests. MediaTech Ventures works at the heart of that industry, in support of artists, developers, producers, entrepreneurs, and financiers.

About Paul O’Brien- Paul is a veteran of Silicon Valley’s internet media (having started his career at Yahoo!), O’Brien excels in web based ventures, funding, and marketing. His distinct strengths in Radio, PR, Content, and Advertising offer a breadth of media experiences whether you’re starting, growing, or seeking a new direction.

In this episode, Paul talks about his start and how he landed in Austin after being recruited by Yahoo right out of college in Sunnyvale, CA. This is back when they had a tiny office and sleeping bags in their cubicles! Since then, Paul tried out different spots before landing and falling in love with Austin on a whim. Don’t tell anyone, but Austin is a pretty cool place and Paul fell in love with the people, the music scene and the startup community. In fact, he fell in love with it before it was cool in vc community. That’s so Austin.

In this episode you’ll also learn about:

Media Tech Ventures and how they came about as well as the necessity
What media ventures area
Media Tech Ventures approach to startups
How investors can get involved
Core technologies that drive the industry
Founder Institute and how it came about
Paul’s thoughts on Texas and the startup community compared to other areas


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