Founder Friendly Terms Sheet

Founder Friendly Terms Sheet

February 11, 2020 by investor

Term sheets lean to the founder or to the investor. One that leans to the founder is called a founder friendly term sheet.

It has some of the following characteristics:

The term sheet provides that the Preferred Shares will receive the same number of votes as the number of Common Shares it could be converted into. 

The liquidation preference is limited to the original purchase price of the shares, plus any declared and unpaid dividends.

The option pool for future hires is not included in the pre-money valuation.

The term sheet is silent regarding individual founder or employee performance reviews.

The term sheet is silent on the issue of non-competition, which makes it possible for founders to find work after they leave the company.

For at least the first two (2) years of operations, the company will not agree to pay the legal expenses of any investor as a condition of investment.

The term sheet is silent on dispute resolution, which leaves the door open for the company and its investors to go to court rather than arbitration.

These are some key points to look for you in a proposed term sheet that indicates which party it favors.

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